How often should I water my plants?

Outdoor plants such as shrubs trees roses and creepers in flower beds can go weeks without being watered as the roots pull water from deep in the ground. However plants that produce flowers or fruits may need to be watered more often. 

Lawns should be watered ideally daily during summer periods with a sprinkler especially fresh turf or fresh seeds. If however a lawn is left to dry out during summer they will usually recover once the seasons change and the weather becomes wet again. 

Outdoor potted plants should be watered twice a day during the summer. Usually early morning and late evening. Make sure your plants are well soaked and not just the surface or the soil. It’s also a good idea to cover open soil with a mulch or gravel to retain water and help prevent evaporation. 

Indoor potted plants will usually be ok with being watered once a week. 

Succulents should be watered once a fortnight during the summer and once a month during winter. 

How often should I water my plants?

Sings that your plants may need more water. 

  • Less than expected growth of foliage, or production of fruit or flowers
  • Leaves or stems that look dull or lost their shine, sometimes darker or paler than normal. May even start to dry up and turn brown.
  • Change in position of leaves, they may angle downwards or start to curl
  • Wilting (take care though as this can also indicate overwatering!)
  • Pots become lighter in weight
  • Pots blowing over in the wind
  • Symptoms of powdery mildew

To check if the soil has enough water put a finger in the soil to feel below the surface. If the soil surface is dry that’s ok.

To prevent mould or fungus appearing on the top of the soil ensure there is plenty of plant drainage by using pots with holes in the bottom and gravel or rocks deep in the soil or by using a garden fork to pierce holes in the soils. Moss is also a sing of lack of drainage.